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Sunday, March 09, 2003

Linguistic Alchemy

"In the white foliated earth, transmute fear into trust. Defense into welcome. As it turns out, this is harder than it looks." [The EGR Weblog]

In one fell send (and no doubt by other insidious means), Christopher Locke, aka RageBoy®—more here, from the Guardian—pulled me and over two dozen other souls into the whitewater of weblogging, leaving most of us sputtering but enjoying the ride. The devil in the machine was EGR, which, if you were not ducking the shrapnel of these email grenades in real-time, is archived for posterity. (I think to get the full dose you would start here, pick things up here, then mosey on over here to make sure you haven't missed anything. Or, if you prefer your reading in a neat, handheld package, many comprise The Bombast Transcripts.)

If EGR is receding—and I hope it merely has been recouping in the Yucatan—there is no pain as long as Chris keeps blogging. And fear not, there remains ample opportunity to become one of the many, the iniquitous, the Valued Readers. One never knows what the wee hours of the morning may yet engender.

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