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Monday, March 31, 2003

Coffee, Toast, And A Mess Of Blawgs Please

  • Wendy Seltzer is the founder of the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse, an EFF staff attorney and a Harvard blogger. [via John Palfrey]
  • Verner & Brumley, P.C. is a Texas family law firm that has replaced its newsletter with the Texas Family Law Blawg: "We review all Texas civil appellate opinions and post information on the blawg about those relating to family law.  We do this within 24 to 48 hours after the opinions are released by the courts of appeals.  We also include cases from other jurisdictions and federal law to the extent it affects family law."
  • Big Pink Cookie is a great blog and its authoress is a paralegal. [First spotted via Faith, further enlightenment via LexisONE and Christine.]
  • Bonus links: found the Yahoo Weblog Directory in my referrals; Google's is more taxonomic.

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