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Monday, March 10, 2003

Blawgy Business

Some thoughtful comments about cautionary blawging have appeared in response to my "Crash Course" post, and you can check them out or add to them at this link (add more of your "getting started" resource suggestions too, by all means). The commenters include lawyer/writer David Maizenberg ("If Bork Had Blogged"). Ernie Svenson, Sam Heldman, The Academy and Jerry Lawson have posted related thoughts.

[Update] Howard weighs in.

Other legal bloggers who have come my way recently include Rotsam Marzban, a "cosmopolitan Iranian" and Harvard law student, and the Harvard 2003 LLM class, blogging at llm2003. [both via Weblogs at Harvard] Check in with the CaffMonster for "the buzz in law and literature," and see if you can tell me what language (other than English) is happening at Cyberlawnews.

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