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Friday, February 21, 2003

Twist My Arm -- Please!

It should go without saying that some diligent attendee should blog the heck out of D:ALL THINGS DIGITAL, May 27-29, 2003 in Carlsbad, CA. I mean, check out the speakers. I mean, check out the price.

Here's a promise: if someone feels compelled to, y'know, underwrite my presence at this thing, I'll certainly, uh, see what I can do. (It's axiomatic, after all, that "denise howell is a master of realtime capture of conference proceedings..." --gracias a Frank.) Whaddya say: want to


...note that new PayPal donors must verify their account before they can make a payment over $2,000...

By the way, not speaking of the enforceability of contractual arbitration clauses [via Howard], it seems PayPal's new user agreement provides for arbitration of all disputes involving less than $10,000 USD. This is a step back from the comparable clause in the old agreement which called for arbitration of all disputes. (So what are we waiting for again, exactly???)

...note also that while the WSJ knows how to Find A Blog (reg. req.), it's not clear whether D will have WiFi -- jipes, the irony -- or whether its producers would take kindly to live blogging...

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