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Tuesday, February 11, 2003


Finally downloaded Safari over the weekend. Liking it a bunch, especially its built in pop-up killer, intuitive and powerful bookmark wrangler, and the orange "snap back" arrow in both the main address and included Google search bars (these bring you right back to where you started a particular train of thought). One thing I'm missing from IE 5.2 for the Mac: the "Scrapbook" feature, that lets you easily (one-click easily) stash a copy of any Web page in the browser (and on your hard drive) for future reference. Scrapbook is a slick way of making sure key pages don't vanish on you. Also gave the 'puters their iLife update. Not much I can add to the myriad reviews of the updated iApps, except to suppose it's just a matter of time before Apple breaks down and includes some sort of dimly lit, softly focused iDVD theme to cater to another reputedly popular use of home video equipment. If you're like me and sprang for Office for your Mac to ensure compatibility with Windows-Office documents, you've got Entourage but may not be up to speed on all its features. Never fear, there's a free (you pay s&h) "beyond the basics" CD for Entourage available from Avondale Media. [via Macworld Audible News] Finally, I'm determined to give the iBlog OS X blogging tool and news aggregator a whirl one of these days. Will keep you posted. [Id.]

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