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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

"Lawyers Who Blawg"

The article from the March, 2003 issue of the ABA Journal about legal wegblogs now is available online: Lawyers who 'Blawg' -- Attorneys Are Finding Fans (and Some Fame) Posting Legal Commentary on the Net. I like it quite a bit. The author Jason Krause did his homework, and seems to have a clear understanding of "the whole weblog thing." In addition to profiling Howard Bashman, Goldstein & Howe's SCOTUSBlog, Marty Schwimmer and me, Jason picked the brains of a number of other fine legal bloggers including Eugene Volokh and Rick Klau, who are quoted, and Ernie Svenson, who unfortunately is not. The piece captures the excitement and passion I think is familiar to those of us who have drunk the Kool-Aid, and is bound to prompt even more legal types to take up this action-packed extreme sport. "[P]lease move away from any blunt instruments..." (!) (Heh, only a true blogger can quote herself with such delight and abandon -- not to mention a bracketed initial-cap. And yes, I await with eagerness and not some small degree of raw fear the print issue's photos.)

[Later] Minding one's p's and mixed metaphors: "It's a fertile legal playground for lawyers." (!???!) I'm laying the whole of the blame for this on Glenn Reynolds for *seeding* me with playground imagery right about when this interview happened, and right about here.

[Later still] Eeek, the pics are up.

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