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Monday, February 17, 2003


And yet more blawgs! Carolyn Elefant is one of the authors at MyShingle, a Slashcode blawg for solos and small firms. Nice content, good philosophies (see, e.g., the Policies page), thoughtful insights: "[W]eblogs and increased sharing of substantive information is where the web is heading while static internet marketing that mimics hard copy (e.g., Yellow Pages and directories) is officially passe." Carolyn also has fired up the LOCE Wind and Wave Energy Weblog, a blog devoted to offshore wind and wave energy (one of Carolyn's practice areas). Soho Attorney asks, in similar vein, "Because Why Should You Be A Wage Slave?" and provides further information for solo practitioners and small firms with a heavier emphasis on tech issues. Phil Carter is a law student and former Army officer. Thanks to Jonas for the pointer. And Hani O.K. is "everyone's favorite Snarky Egyptian Midwestern Transplant Clothes-horse 1L living in the NYC," with a photo of something you don't see every day: a cross-country skier in Manhattan. [via The Blawg Ring]

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