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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Appellate Sites And Tidbits

According to this (Nevada Delays Plans for Appeals Court, SFGate/AP) we shouldn't look for an intermediate appellate court, or an intermediate appellate court Web site, in the state of Nevada any time soon. However, for a thorough rundown of other appellate court Web site offerings, don't miss Howard's Legal Intelligencer article this month (available soon here, and via email subscription at that link; oh golly, I linked to a competitor again, somebody get the big net). The discussion is informative and useful, and I was pleased to see Rory Perry and his court get well deserved recognition for their efforts. The response Howard posted last night from the former IT director for the Eleventh Circuit also is fascinating. A sample: "Using such tools in house and putting Microsoft's Index Server on the public Internet are two very different undertakings. The number of successful hacks of Index Server on public web sites is staggering, and each time Microsoft swore that security patches 'fixed' their product, another successful hack of either the Index Server or Microsoft's web server occurred within days or weeks. There now are some safer Linux-based tools, and I think the Eleventh is quickly moving in that direction." (By the way, can anyone explain why whenever I consider electric guitars in prison, all I can picture is Chicago, with Strats?)

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