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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

The Pruf 's In The Rock

Interesting discussion (jocular aside -- when a lawyer calls something interesting, it's best to run) going on at Ernie's (here, here and here, and see the comments), about what comprises a useful legal weblog. A couple of quick thoughts. First, I agree with Po Bronson when he eloquently writes that "the human soul resists taxonomy." Second, I'll answer a question (are legal weblogs that stray from a defined "topic" of "use" in a law practice?) with a question -- or maybe it's a pop quiz in effective communication: Ernie's weblog is widely read and appreciated primarily because: 1. It has a clever name. 2. It's practical. 3. It's a labor of love. If you're wondering what my answer would be, there are some hundred visions and revisions we perhaps should discuss.

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