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Friday, January 17, 2003

Proliferous has been serving up some acutely wonderful fare in its mere couple of days in existence. On Sony:
One thing I’ve learned from writing on the Web, where people can easily email in response, is that my readers are smarter than I am — often individually, and always collectively. If I can learn that despite a professorial ego, surely companies can learn that their customers are, collectively, smarter than they are, and seek to take advantage of it rather than fight it. I predict that the ones that learn this lesson will do a lot better in coming years than the ones that don’t.
On Eldred:
While many people are unhappy with the Intellectual Property implications of this decision, its most striking aspect is the strict constructionists’ abandonment of the principles of limited government.
I bet that last has elicited enough double takes and head-nods to keep the entire chiropractic industry employed for the next six months. Get on over there and take it all in. We don't know how you do it Glenn, but thank goodness you exist -- it would be impossible to invent you!

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