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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Getting Meta

Bill Gratsch, also of the eGovLinks page and weblog, has started a blawg directory at [via The Blawg Ring] This is pretty new (looks like its first batch of links were added on 12/31), and appears to have the flexibility to become an excellent resource. For now, I have some minor quibbles with the structure/taxonomy (e.g., it doesn't appear possible to search by URL?). It also would be neat to see the material presented non-categorically, such as a way of viewing the listings by "freshness"/recently updated, and by add date. (If you've been waiting for the "Blawg"-embazoned Classic Thong, I'm afraid the wait continues.) There are listings at and at the Blawg Ring that are new to me, so look for updates here soon. The University of Waikato (New Zealand) Law Library also is rounding up legally oriented blogs on its Legal Weblogs page, and has kind, if questionable, taste in introductory quotations. More links here I hadn't seen yet; it's good to see the Blawg Patrol alive and well in the southern hemisphere!

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