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Thursday, November 21, 2002

Eleven Hours, 50%

What a difference a day makes: left Orange County this morning: 90 degrees. Arrived New Haven tonight: 45 degrees. So this is why they call November "winter!" I get it. Got to meet and hang a bit with James Grimmelmann and Glenn Reynolds. James -- whose experience of law is synaesthetic; that ought to keep things interesting! -- also plans on blogging the conference, and says they've got the room WiFi'd. He wrote those great LawMeme pieces deconstructing the Eldred brief ("Law School In A Nutshell," Parts I, II and III), and is a prolific contributor there. (I also just noticed "God" is part of the illustrious LawMeme staff, but thus far (s)he seems to be holding out for just the right topic.) Glenn kicks off the show at 12:30 EST, so be sure to tune in. I can't promise any balconette bras or wings, but am betting this will beat TV anyway. (Glenn and James both have more on this allusion.)

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