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Monday, July 18, 2005

Grokster Article: Signed, Sealed, And Technorati Tagged

As I mentioned recently, I've been working on an article (with the help of colleagues Greg Beattie and Joe Rosenbaum) that examines the Grokster case pragmatically from the standpoint of those wanting to know more about the kind of steps that can help minimize the risk of indirect liability for the infringements of one's users. It's now available on my firm's Web site: Grokking Grokster: Staying Out of Court and in Business in the Wake of the Supreme Court's Decision. (That link takes you to the full text of the article; the PDF available for download just offers different formatting.) I hope it's helpful and informative, and would greatly appreciate your feedback — particularly because we are putting together a program that will expand on these points. If there are other areas we should cover I'd love to hear about it. Please use the comments here or send me an email.

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