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Friday, December 17, 2004

Suppy Cup, Yuppy Pup

Someone actually accused me the other day of giving Tyler a "yuppy" sippy cup. Try saying that that one three times fast. I guess I should be flattered; my eligibility for the "y" part of that label expired long ago!

Suppy Cup

Ordered; arrived; awesome. No doubt this is a "yuppy" puppy toy. Regardless, it's a holiday gift that's both humorous and slobbery, what could be better? I think I spotted it on BoingBoing? The trail is lost in the mental ether, but Technorati knows all.

Yuppy Pup

Thanks for the comments and support about baby sleep. I understand the Wall Street Journal did a big feature on this recently, which of course I can't link to. *sigh.* Or rather, *yawn.* I just can't/won't Ferber, despite the fact plenty of people I respect have gone this route. (Quoth Mark: "I had reduced her soul-wrenching sobs into a souless electromechanical signal that didn't tug on my heartstrings nearly as much as her pathetic crying would have." Ack! But check with me in a year and see if I've caved.)

In case the utter lack of substance around here lately hasn't tipped you to this, I've been busy, busy lately at work. Don't miss the Eastern District of Virginia's ruling in favor of Google's ad model under trademark law, and Kevin Heller spotting that it's Geico who's claiming victory. Related trivia:

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