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Monday, August 19, 2002

Top Ten, Again

Awhile back, certain implausible yet irrefutable data led me post up my Top Ten Signs of a Microcontent Obsession. More of the same now does more of the same, so without further ado, here is Round Two: 1. You have a Blog Family, which may or may not include the Holy Father. 2. You're beginning to think Utah is a really fascinating state. 3. It's not just a commute, it's intermittently a RageBoy adventure, and not just because you've downloaded all his stuff from Audible. 4. Your permalinks work (all hail Shelley). 5. You are on the verge of a site redesign. Again. 6. You have bookmarked an HTML cheat sheet. Or ten. 7. "Ask not what your computer can do for you, but what your computer can do for your weblog." 8. Your weblog has been to Japan and you're jealous. 9. You eagerly anticipate the musical and oenological musings of law professors you may never have met. 10. "We have met Frank Paynter, and he is us."

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